About Mentor Talents

Mentor Talents is a business unit of Anchor Business & IT Solutions Pte Ltd in Singapore. We are your Anchor. Your No 1 Preferred Mentor, Advisor, Trainer and Consultant. We are here to help you with your businesses, career and personal development.  We love to offers business advice, career advice, strategies and resources to enable you to take charge of your own career roadmap or business roadmap if you are a business owner.

Our goal is to help people to love their job and be successful at it, and we are here to help you to make your aspirations turn into reality. Mentor Talents helps individuals with personal 1 to 1 coaching mentoring. We also helps companies with business consulting, staff training, leadership development, digital marketing, strategies, international global expansion, CEO mentoring, CMO mentoring.

You have your own talent and strength and we want to make sure you are able to discover, unleash and be a valuable contributor to this world in your life journey whether as a business owner or as an individual.

Mentor Talents mission is to make a difference in your life by developing better careers, better personal life, better businesses so that you can enjoy and excel in your life.

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